screenhunter 6 Plus
Latest version: 6.0.439 Last updated: Apr. 16, 2015

Fast and easy screen capture solution.

The Plus version is for anyone who doesn't need the extra functionality in ScreenHunter 6 Pro and enjoy the economical price!







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5 Star Rated since ScreenHunter 4 by Tucow

This screen capture program provides a zoom box and adjustable area so you can capture any part of the screen in flexible ways, including DirectX, screen savers and movie screens.

It offers multi-object capture, auto-scroll, auto-scale and text capture. You can schedule capture times and intervals. It can automatically detect which file format has the smallest file size and save your captures in that format, with automatically generated file names. It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP with your color of choice.

ScreenHunter also includes a multi-document viewer and editor that can hold up to 100 images. It allows you to zoom, resize, crop, and add text or annotation. It supports drag-and-drop."




Featured review on SoftPedia

"Screenshots provide help in various domains. These can mean a winning argument, be used as tutorials, or serve for testing purposes. The provided button on your keyboard does not always get the job properly done, but with the help of applications like ScreenHunter Plus you gain access to more, comprehensive tools.

ion comes equipped with a big amount of potential. With the main window brought up, you can carefully adjust several settings and preset profiles in order to meet different requirements.

You can choose from several available methods to capture your screen. Besides the default way to include everything on screen, you can choose to capture a rectangular area, the active window, part of a video, or even a custom shape that can be freehand or geometrical figures.

A custom combination of keys can be assigned to trigger the action. Unfortunately, you are not able to set a hotkey for each method, which would have come in handy, seeing how the application spends most of its time hidden in the system tray...."





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