Lossless Screen Recorder to AVI files!

Have you ever wanted a screen recorder to record the original quality videos? Here you got it! AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro can record everything on your screen in its original quality with no loss. It saves to an AVI file with lossless compression.

AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro comes with a new lossless codec and an easy-to-use video editor where you can trim your videos and extract images. Record anything you see, do and hear on your PC so you can secure excellence.

What Makes AutoScreenRecorder Different?

Lossless Codec

You can now choose Wisdom-soft Lossless Codec to record with zero loss of image quality!
screen recorder

High Quality Recording

What you see is what you get, without sacrificing details.
screen recorder

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface brings you flexible functionality with a minimum learning curve.
user interface

Quick Video Editor

Quick and easy video editor for frame-by-frame selection, trimming, extracting and exporting.


Neeraj Joshi, Software Informer AutoScreenRecorder Pro is a very nice and versatile screen recording and editing tool. The program is a must have for both professionals and amateurs, who always need or want to record what is happening on their PC screen. The application is very powerful and completely equipped to be the best among all other screen recording software.

The main advantage of using the AutoScreenRecorder Pro is that the output produced by it is of a very good quality. The Image quality is fully adjustable, which ensures that every user gets precisely what he wants in terms of quality and file size. Other worth noticing features of AutoScreenRecorder Pro are its powerful inbuilt video editor and a possibility to record almost all the processes running on the computer, such as Web-cam chats, games, Movie clips, Video Tutorials, and much more. There are some additional effects like screen zoom, mouse pointer, auto-text and watermarking feature. Also, there is a number of recording options which refer to the target area that needs to be recorded.

Gabriela Vatu, Softpedia Whether you are a passionate gamer that wants to record a hard boss fight or you simply want to create a tutorial, a trusty program is required. AutoScreenRecorder Free is an app designed for this job.

The program has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to figure out. Thus, you can record the activity on the screen in various modes. For instance, you may define a rectangular area, choose an object or window, select the active window or simply record the entire screen. To make the job easier, the utility comes with several keyboard shortcuts. While there are already hotkeys set for starting, stopping, resuming and canceling the job, modifying them is possible. Additionally...