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MotionStudio 4 Step-by-Step Guides 

This is a step-by-step guide to walk you through different scenarios.
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5 easy steps to create your interactive EXE and quick guide

Library guide

5 easy steps to create your interactive EXE

MotionStudio 4 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one multimedia authoring tool, that combines image, sound, interactivity and animation for you to create stand-alone executable files. There are many ways and scenarios to use MotionStudio effectively. Here is a 5 step example to create an interactive EXE file.

[Step 1. Create a new or load a MotionStudio file]
Run MotionStudio and create a new file by clicking the New MotionStudio File button on the toolbar or choosing New... from the File menu. In the New MotionStudio File dialog, choose the frame size.  The new file is created with one frame.

[Step 2. Add objects and images]
The toolbox works in a 'pick-a-tool-and-draw-an-object' fashion. To draw a freehand brush line, for example, you can pick the brush tool, and draw a brush line. Double-click the created object to show Property Sheet and change its properties. Use the image tool to import an image or create a new one. You can also double-click any image to edit in Image Editor.

[Step 3. Add and duplicate frames]
You can add a new frame by clicking the Add New Frame button on the toolbar or choose from the Animation menu. Or, simply duplicate a frame by clicking the Duplicate Frames button. In the newly added frame, change or draw new objects and images. Frame List is an easy way to lookup and manage frames.

[Step 4. Add frame actions (optional)]
You can add frame transition as an visual effect by clicking the Insert Frame Transition button on the toolbar or choose from the Frame menu. 

[Step 5. Preview and creating EXE]
To view the animation instantly, click the Preview button on the toolbar or choose from the Go menu. Y. To save the animation to an EXE file, choose Create EXE... from the File menu.

These are the steps in a nutshell that you need to create your animation for your web. There are more features and options available in by exploring the operations.

Library guide

Library files contain objects that you can use in any MotionStudio file and any frame just a matter of drag & drop. 

Open/Create a library File
Choose Open Library... from the Tools menu to open a .MSL (MotionStudio Library) file. When the Library window is shown you can right-click the window and choose Open or Create from the menu

To add objects to a Library
1. Make sure the Library window is visible and select the objects (hold down the Ctrl key for multi-selection) in the frame.
2. Hold down the Alt key and drag the selected objects to the Library window and drop. A new icon is create for the library object. You can rename the icon.

To add an library object to a frame
Drag the library object and drop it in the main window.

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