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MotionStudio 4 Key Features

Image blending

Any image can have opacity from 1 to 100.

Translucent Objects

By choosing "Translucent" Drawing Style, and a Fill Color on Property Sheet, object will have translucent effect.

Transparent color

By choosing a "Transparent" color of your image, the image will be transparent. This can create transparent animation.

Background frame

Background is a layer behind all frames. It is also a frame. That is, it can hold all kind of objects too.

You can add commonly used images, shapes to the background which will appear on all the frames. So, no need to add one-by-one on each frame.

Object Animation

Frame-by-frame animation is labor intensive, and you have to add many frames to create an animation.
Object animation is an effective way to create animation. Any object, a rectangle, an image, can be animated in the Frame. That is, even if there is only one frame, you can create animation.

You can draw any path or choose from 64 built-in animation effects

Vector-based graphic tools

Graphical objects and painting tools include rectangles, ellipses, curves, text labels, brushes and pen lines. 


Importing 16 common image file formats

It handles 16 common image file formats, including  JPEG, GIF and PNG with a preview. 


Mouse over and click actions

Each object on a frame can be defined to take actions when clicked, such as
jumping to another frame or a URL, playing sound and performing a visual animation.

You can click and assign which objects to show or hide when an object is clicked. This makes objects truly interactive.


Using brush/pen to create objects too

Using paint brush tool, you can create brush line objects. And you can edit the brush line further by dragging and adding outline points to suit your needs.


Making your own library to reuse objects

Motion Studio offers you the capability to create your own library of drawing objects. It's just a matter of drag and drop to create and reuse the objects in a library, so you don't have to recreate each time.


Recording your own sound and use it instantly

You can record your own sound and use to play with interactive objects.


Frame visual effects

Motion Studio provides 45 kinds of visual effects for your Frame to choose from. You can also choose a speed to fine-tune the effect.

Creating royalty-free EXE

With MotionStudio, you can create your own royalty-free, stand-alone executables. This single EXE is the only file needed to play your production, no additional DLLs or any other files needed to distribute.


Tell your friends about MotionStudio
So they can also have a chance to try the program. Click here to send an email to your friends.

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