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"Our teacher at the ITU, Copenhagen, Denmark recommends you." - Victoria Hvidbjerg

"Auto Screen Recorder is AWESOME! from a scale 1-10 i'd rate it 10!!! " - KewlDude

"I use the Pro at work & love it!" - Tim

"Fabulous program. Very helpful on research projects." - James T Miller

"I was referred to this website by a relative who used it for her reasons such as video-game recordings; broadcasts; recreational activities; videos, or just for the heck of it. " - Zombiegamer

"I've tried nearly all other screenrecorders and AutoScreenRecorder is truly the most easy, yet powerful program among all other screenrecorders i've tried." - alex  

"Thank you for a great product. I absolutely love your program. It helps me set up student tutorials, helps me show my friends and family how to use their computers, and has helped me keep a record of online transactions." - rea xenja, orlando, fl, usa

"THIS IS THE BEST RECORDER IN THE WORLD!" - Eric, vancouver B.C. canada

"My CIT300 instructor from Western Kentucky University, Dr. Philip Coleman recommended your product for students to use in making our videos for class." - Stacey Prahl, Dawson Springs, KY

"The very best application of this kind, and I've tried several." - Jan L Sandbugt, Norway

"I really need this program for the video games that i play on my computer. I record and then post on the internet. I used to always use my friends computer but now i don't need to anymore. " - john, riverside, California, USA

"As a trainer AutoScreenRecorder and ScreenHunter both are handy to demonstrate tasks" - Patrick O' Callaghan, UK

"G'day ... I was true to my word and purchased the software... I've had GREAT SUCCESS so far with Movie Snippets etc: and it has SAVED me a REAL HEAP of Time.. It is GREAT SOFTWARE and Tremendous Value for Money. " - Ray Ridgway, Mindworks Media Conversions, Amtrax Australia Pty. Ltd.

"I been using autoscreen recorder for my business a long time and i am very satisfied with this product. " - richard morton, chicago il, usa

"I'm using this to test someones honesty in a game. That is the only reason, I hope that doesn't hurt anyones feelings."

"I Love Screen recorder! i add my killer moves off step mania to youtube what a help" - Caitsumi, Kansas City, Kansas

"I have never seen such screen recorder in my entire carrier thanks to all team..." - Huzaifa, Dubai

"It's very useful for me as a teacher to make a tutorial CD for my students in senior high school. " - ELa, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

"A friend from JP Morgan put me onto this. Very good software." - Vanessa Selwyn, Sydney, Australia

"i can make some online internet guides for other programs on youtube with AutoScreenRecorder." - Frederik olesen, Farum, Denmark

"i make video tutorials for blender ed to imvu to help people wanting to learn blender to create products for the imvu catalog." - Mark Walder, Bognor Regis UK

"I am running an internet cafe. I want to monitor what others on the network is doing for understanding any criminal practices are done here and to prohibit it." - Krishnadas, Palakkad, Kerala, India

"I have had the program before, and its great i would recommend it to all the people who need a screen recorder!" - Harry, england

"Your product was highly recommended by a co-worker." - B Kimminau, Omaha NE

"This software is the best recorder" - Rojo Salas, Philippines

 "I love this program. I've downloaded it before on another computer, and I can surely say with no doubt that its the best recording program out there." - johnnyjacare

"I think AutoScreenRecorder is the best recording program I've ever seen!" - tonkan nordin

"i love the Auto screen recorder :)" -  blake

"i am making a video to post on youtube of an online game by AutoScreenRecorder." - William 

"A high quality, top of the range Screen Recorder that I have used." - Lewis

"Your screen recorder rules, because it's so simple to use." - Steffz, UK

"What a great program, took me ages to find a decent one!" - Tom

"This software is the bomb! We love it at work and home!" - Geneane Bazan, Adams Digital Media

"I can now make movies, that's awesome! This is a great product!" - Tammy Myer

"One of our IS people told us to come here and download. My associate uses it all the time and loves it. It will be new to me." - Diane Bollinger

"I have been a longtime user of ScreenHunter and felt that it competed well against the large number of similar products in the market, but after only 10 min. of using AutoScreenRecorder I was sending copies to all of my test team and former co-workers. Like the other products I’ve used from Wisdom-soft the setup is a breeze and the functional interface fits the tester’s needs. Not too much not too little, and no overbearing licensing issues. Love AutoScreenRecorder, a great product…." - Daniel Miller

About AutoScreenRecorder Free

"Thank you so much for sharing this with the community. I take dog videos for our dog rescue and often want to get a picture from them to place on our adoption website. Finally, I found a way to do it! Much appreciated and hopefully more adoptions from cuter pictures will take place." - Cathy Shelley

" i soo happy you created this!!!! Now i can record my bannedstory!!!" - dao jacinda

"i love this i think it's the best thing cause now you can show the world how some folks are and what they say and it can't be forged or faked ya know ?" - Desiree Ross

"I've used this before and it is the Best!" - Johnny Miller, New York, NY, USA

"Thanks for making such a great recorder!" - Douglas, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"FINALLY!!! I finally found a FREE screen recorder. I thank you all soo very very much. I have been looking forever but could never find anything. Thank you so much for making this free. I can't wait to try it out! Thx again!" - Zachary, USA, Ohio

"This is a great tool - I have used it for years and love it!" - Graham, UK

"It's wonderful. This tool is simply the best." - Carlos Carrion

"i will use the autoscreen recorder for academic purposes - to demonstrate my models to the research community" - Jenny, southampton

"Thanks for making a free version. I can show my 80 year old dad how to do stuff on his computer with the video I put together with AutoScreenRecorder" - Kevin, Venice, FL, USA

"It is so kind of you to distribute this freely. I am only a teacher who can't even afford to enjoy free internet. I can only go to the internet cafe once in a fortnight. Bless you all, people. May you always be successful." - Gunawan, Indonesia

"Google: best free screen capture software brought up your site. I found it likeable. Also the emphasis on: free download and free distribution and if you don't want to join mailing lis, just download... Greatly appreciated. I'll use your tool while thinking warmly about it's creators." - Tomek, Poland

"Woot! ive bin lookin 4 a free SR 4 ages. U guyz rule! EVIL!!!!!!!" - Australia

"love this kind of website. provide fully free download without hiding a very small "trial" on the bottom of the download button." - terrence, malacca

"This is awesome! I did not know this program existed. GREAT JOB!" - Leana Redden, Pueblo, CO

"This tool is fantastic. I use it EVERY day. Thank you!!!" - Willow, Austin, TX

"I have used your very useful tool many years now, and have installed it at work and recommended to my colleagues. Thank you for providing it!" - Bertel Hansen, Denmark

"I just told a friend about your website.  I have never seen better freeware software than yours. ...  Thanks for making these available. :)" - Jon Singletary

This is a very handy program to show people exactly what you should see. - John Cowger

Thanks for providing excellent software for free use... highly appreciate your contribution to the global community of computer users! - Virgo Tejada

"This is a great program to use. My friend recommended it to me." - John Somnion

"Recommendation from Flight Simulator International Asia edition for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, A Century of Flight." - Ang Zhi Cheng

"Thanks:D-good to have a free version-it has saved my life many times:D" - Daniel Smith

"Great tool. I love the simplicity and ease of use. Thanks for providing this for free!" - kim Seif

"Most easy-to-use screen recording tool I have encountered. I use ScreenHunter Pro too, so there is no learning curve for me. This saved me time and the quality is really commendable!" - J. Thornton, TX

About ScreenHunter Pro

[Aug. 2016] My name is Roger K.Poaha, and I just received your very prompt reply to my urgent email request to retrieve my lost License Key for my Screen Hunter Pro version, due to a laptop crash of my Windows 8.1 O.S. I currently am running Windows 10 O.S. and I deleted the free version and downloaded/installed SH Pro and it opened up. I have yet to learn how to use the Scrolling feature, but I'm certain it will work just fine. I'm so very, very happy and satisfied that I finally got my SH Pro version in my laptop, which will make things go much more smoothly for me whenever I need to capture any web pages or whatever I need to suit my purpose. 

 ords cannot express how deeply grateful and very satisfied I am with your support system, which is very outstanding! Thanks to your prompt and honest response to my urgent request, I am now completely satisfied with this "new" Screen Hunter Pro version that is always "at the ready" to capture any screen or web page I desire at the click of a button.

 Thank you so very, very much; I deeply appreciate your extremely prompt and early response to my request.

 My fondest Blessings, Love and Aloha to all of you at


 Roger K. Poaha

 P.S. You've certainly "made my day," and then some! You have no idea how immensely happy and satisfied I am at this point. Awesome!

       I feel so relieved, as well. 

"I like it better than the screen capture in Office 2010" - Kernen K C

"Have been using it for years and it's one of the first downloads I do for my new pc." - RM Stabin

"I have been using screen hunter for 8 years at various jobs. As a test analyst I find this the fastest and easiest (to use) screen capture tool. " - Wendy Hiskens

"I heard about you because our Uni has a organisation license and I love how easy screen hunter is." -Diane

"Much better then the other (more expensive) sceen capture tools!" - P. Armstrong, UK

"I like this program is my favorite program!!" - Theioro Productions

"Just the best screen grabber I know of. Haven't had a computer for a year now, and gotta have it again! Great for where (for whatever reason) I can't copy/paste text I don't wish to scribble down!" - charles

"Have used it before and it is by far the most user friendly" - P. Murphy

"You are apparently the best of its kind!" - avedsted

"This programme is the one I can least do without. It gets used tens of times every day. I have made company and international-level presentations and papers using it. It never ceases to amaze me that the quality is so high and the ease is so good. " - Chris D.

"Outstandinding program. would recommend to anyone. works perfectly.. One of the best free programs I have ever seen. " - archie newton

"I truly enjoy your product and cannot do my work without it. Thank you!" - Alzena

"This is a fabulous product for accountants - makes workpapers a breeze cause transactions can be screen captured and then pasted into other worksheets. " - Rosemary

"Fantastic product, wouldn't be without it. Often use to show screenshots of error messages to customer support etc." -  av072011

"Is the most intuitive screen capture." - Pedro

"I have Screen Capture on all my computers! It is very user friendly. love it!" - Chris Sebba

"Screen hunter rocks my world - building out a new desktop now, and buying the Pro version of Screenhunter, and downloading the free version of the screen recorder app to play with. Will ante up and buy that one, too, if it looks like I'll be using it.
Screenhunter is the PERFECT utility app: lightweight, works EXACTLY like it's supposed to, the option to save to both clipboard and a directory is very useful for my needs - can't thank you enough for a great app!" - Tamara Meier

"Other screen-capture products won't capture things like menus that appear when you hover over them, or mouse-pointer position. Those things go away as soon as you use the mouse pointer to run their software. That's why I've abandoned them for Screenhunter. " - LMills259

"Screen hunter is so user friendly and totally amazing. Cheers!" - Gandhi

"You have developed high quality and usability software. I has Screenhuter on my comps at least 6 years. It`s the best!" - Nick G.P.

"I use ScreenHunter every working day of my life..." - Elmer Sarsonas

"Absolutely wonderful too!!!" - Robert Downer

"Use your product almost daily for years." - Robb

"I have been using and liking the free version for a year, and had forgotten there were other versions, so I looked around for something that would be similar, but would easily print a captured screen. I found several very poor freeware products and Snagit, which is the obvious competitor. I found Snagit very slow to open up once I'd captured something, quite distracting in several ways and has far too many features.

Then I came back to Wisdom and found ScreenHunter Pro - which does exactly what I wanted. Simple rectangle capture, instant opening of editor and/or viewer screens (Snagit takes 13 seconds) , easy editing, easy to size and print... Just what I'd been wanting!
As the quote on your web page says - it is much better than Snagit!"

-- Peter Armstrong
Business Support Manager
CiCS, The University of Sheffield, UK

"I use this at work everyday - it's great. My boss found it and told us about it. " - Monty Friesen

"best add on software I used so far !" - peter borg

"I have found this software to be one of the most useful tools in my kit. " - Wayne Wilcox

"This software rocks - always there with low overhead- easy to use and the BEST way to capture MS BSOD, webpage and any other transient info from the screen. I love it for arranging my orders and payment receipts onto a single page." - John Bachman

"screen hunter is one best screen shot programs i have ever had chance to use keep up the good work!" - antonio kappos

"Simply brilliant!" - John

"have used in past and is a great easy-to-use tool!" - Roger Bardell

"It is truly a fantastic tool!" - B Hopkins

"I have used this sofware for years, and I just recovered my system and need to re-load. Great tool." - Tim Koprowski

"I use screenhunter every day at work. Know I'm gonna make x-mas cards, with help from screenhunter. " - kari-Janne Rand

"I used this on my previous computer as well to full satisfaction!" - Bas Minderhoud

"Been using screen hunter for a long time-- a most valuble and useful tool." - David Davidson

"love this tool, better than jing project screen capture!" - jmoeller18

"Excellent program! They're going to purchase at work on my recommendation." - Steve Moss

"It is without a doubt the best screen capture program! " - ralplh nordenhold

"this is one of thw first utilities i download on every computer ive ever owned." - liz stallings

"I love the Screenhunter, I use it for so many presentations in MS Office. It is a great tool, and I can't go without it!" -


"Im not a computer wiz by no means,Im taking my sons advice on trying Screenhunter. He swears by it. " - Anita Urban

"screenhunter: love it, love it, love it " - Joe, Denver , CO

"You have the best screen capture program there is-period!" - Robert Hodge, Denver,CO 80203

"I love the Screenhunter, it is the best screen shot tool available." - Donna Molinari, San Jose, CA

"Best screen capture program I have ever seen." - Juergen Buche, Montreal

"use this all the time, excellent program. " - Brian Smith, Hudson, NY USA

"Great program! Can't live wiithout it!" - Liz Patterson


"Have used your product for years and am having to get the newest version to replace what I had on this computer before a *fatal* HD crash. Have to re-install all essential programs and ScreenHunter in near the top of the list of desirable (and necessary) applications." - mjensen

"I had ScreenHunter on previous computer and used it all the time. For my uses, it is a superb tool!" - Dr. David Davidson, Ashkelon, Israel

"Saw a friend using it and love it!" - Eliana Iglesias, Plantation Florida

"I'd just licenced and download sh5 pro. My comment is real simple: I used the free version for several months. This toy is so handy and useful that the least thing to do is to send a little money for such an achieved piece of work. And of course increasing my own benefit about frame and time saving. Done. Keep this good job warm.. Best regards" - Patrick Chaballier

"Crystal clear results; much better than traditional PrintScreen effects." - Kim Clark, Cork, Ireland

"I have been using this software for several years on several computers in several countries." - Adam

"Brilliant product. I am an educator and trainer. I find Screenhunter indispensable." - Jay, London

"Screen Hunter seems like a tool that virtually every professional must have!" - Royal J Fuchs

""Hello I am the admin of Pace and cap we share screen shots of horse racing programs and result charts. We all love you product. I already have a lisense for your pro version but I lost it when my computer crashed. Thanks we love screen hunter at PaceandCap" - J varone, Parsippany NJ USA

"Seen, admired, thrilled" - nils engstrom, goteborg Sweden

"You are the best in this types of programmes informatiques." - José Ribeiro lopes, Portugal

"I use Screenhunter for years now and use it more and more often. Got a new/other PC and load it directly! Thanks!" - Peter Vleugel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Excellent product. I really like it and have recommended it to a lot of people. Keep up the good work." - Kamesh Gadepally, San Jose, CA, USA

"Screenhunter is a very useful tool, which I always install on my computers and recommend to friends and colleagues." - Bertel D. Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

 "Have tried previously and completely satisfied." - Cyril Mamotte

"Used Screenhunter in Crolles and found it to be invaluable!" - robert diamanti, Catania, Sicily (Italy)

"My husband has screen hunter on his computer and likes it greatly." - shirley

"used it in school and it was really useful !" - matty, Norwich, England

"I use this personally at home, so I was pleasantly surprised when my new employer told me to use this for screen captures at work!" - Elizabeth Cerri, Hagerstown, MD

"I really like this handy tool has helped out so many times... ScreenHunter steps

1. Print Screen
2. Select area done

Paint steps

1. Print Screen
2. Open Paint
3. Paste
4. Crop
5. open new canvas
6. Paste
7. save
8. close paint

" - Tim Cox, Moorhead, MN, USA

"I've used ScreenHunter for years and I absolutely love it!" - Amy, Kansas City, MO

"ScreenHunter is the best in its class." - Kristofer Tripp, CA, USA

"I've been using Screenhunter for several years and I found it very useful and easy to use. I recommend it to my students and colleagues. Thanks." - Yasser Mahgoub, Kuwait

"Excellent product. I teach it to my master's degree in education students so that they can complete assignments with easy to do screen captures." - Richard Smith

"Peter Soley shared this software with me when I was working for VSEA. I found screen hunter to be a much easier tool than the "official" software .... thanks so much." - Heidi L. Forrester

"Its brilliant!" - helen, Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England

"I love this program. A friend showed it to me and it is so much easier to use than any other similar product I have seen." - Mary Ellen Kelly, Australia

"Great SW and I have put it on all of my PCs.....ever since I moved to Pentium 4!!! keep up the good work...finally SW engineers do it the right way and us 'normal' users." - Prof. david Ward, Milan, Italy

"I have used for many years because I'm not satisfied with other screen captures." - KEN HANCHERICK

"I think it's the best screen capture i've ever used." - Nablone, Italy

"I've used screenhunter since I found the 1.0 version on ZDnet about 6 years ago. It's top notch." - Cindy

 "I love the screen hunter program.. Thinking about buying Pro for my son who is in highschool and loves graphic art." - Jim, Finksburg, MD

 "This is a good tool to capture everything and it's easy to use. I've heard this product from my collaegue and start to use this tool many years ago." - sasipin tornimitkul

"i am taking a technical writing course here in jerusalem and it was recommended to use screen hunter." - mark sklar, jerusalem, Israel

"I have watched my friends screenhunter in action many times, and was more than very impressed. I am a silver surfer and have just got my first PC with tuition from my good friend. He said screenhunter was a must have item." - Ken Holland, UK

"Screen hunter is very helpful for my work, from time to time I need capture some of my work and put onto my teaching material. Screen Hunter make my work much easier, and I save so much time too." - Fang Wong, UAE

"Love it!!! Thanks for one of the most useful tools I've found so far on the web." - Mr. Dana Lilttlefield

"I use the pro version at work and I just love it." - Maria Copeland, Atlanta, GA

"Really very very good product. It saves a lot of time in documentation writing (user manual ...)" - Christophe GUILLARME, FRANCE

"Co-workers have said this is the best screen capture software available!!" - Jason Quade, USA

"This is a time saving SW. It's an amazing tool for training and you can really do so much with it. " - Olivia, Henderson, Nevada

 "I appreciate that Screen Hunter doesn't result in large file sizes in Outlook emails, unlike Snagit." - Tim H, Richmond, VA

"I was searching for a good screen capture program. I have used Corel Capture 12, but didn't care for it. So I used Google to find similar programs and found yours. I really like it and am having my secretary order it for me." - Pamela Cortazzo, Senior Engineer Quality Services Documentation, Siemens, Pittsburgh, PA 15239

"I have Screen Hunter Pro. Excellent product! Use it very frequently for CAD tutorials I produce and am now looking at creating the tutorials as movies." - Steve Maynard-Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Great tool with easy use - we can forget Vista Snipping Tool." - Finland

"Best (and quickest) screen capture program I've ever used." - Michael Jensen, San Francisco, CA

"I have used ScreenHunter for years and have shared it with many other people. It is a GREAT product." - Phyllis McIntyre, Vero Beach, FL

"I'm most interested in screen capture so that I can enlarge an image that I found over the internet so that I can put it on a tournament page. I am a volunteer htd on a league that is a multi-gaming league. We host our tours on Pogo." - Meredith, Kendall Park, NJ 08824

"ScreenHunter is Amazing !" - Pat, Brookyln, NY, USA

"Tested the software from my friend PC and found it is very useful for my work which I need for my preparation of presentation and system documentation." - Vivian, Singapore

"One of the most useful products around to assist in preparing presentations." - Dominic Foo, Singapore

"Have used ScreenHunter for three years ( probably more?) Always recommend it to my teaching colleagues at work and online. (I work as IT support for ESL teachers." - kathiew, Australia

"Great software, I've used it for years and it is an essential part of my website, Two Wheelin La." - Steve, Louisiana

"Fantastic piece of software- just upgraded my PC to a better one and have to have Screenhunter again!" - Heather Moffett, Totnes, Devon, UK

"been using and recommending Screenhunter for 6 yrs or so. I tell people it's so elegant it makes you think you're using a Mac!" - Mike Tschantz, Saline, MI

"This is the most user friendly tool. very helpful!!" - Rizuwan

"I had a professor suggest this program instead of the print screen button so I didn't get unneccessary info in my print out and waste my printer cartridge." - Jessica, Evansville

"This is an outstanding product. Never any complaints. I strongly recommend it to everyone (including my college students)." - Kym Buchanan, Stevens Point, WI, USA

"I use screenhunter now and love it." - Ben Becker, Layton, Ut, USA

"Great reliable product! I've used the previous version and it is a breeze to use." - nap apolinario, jr., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

"This is such a great tool!!!" - Regina Reetz, Littleton, Colorado

"Screenhunter has become an everyday part of my computing life " - Brad Luke, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

"Having trouble with new download of OTTO's and friend from forum suggested using Screen Hunter - Looking to capture portion of what's on the screen in an easy manner - and print it." -John Davis, Tobyhanna, PA

"I am a long time user, just got a new computer. Can't live without my screenhunter." - Heidi Nordberg, Atlanta, GA, USA

"I´ve been using your tool for a long time... I love how simple and useful it is. Thank you' - Antonio, Asturias, Spain

"I love ScreenHunter and would never use anything else." - Superfly Davey Krupa, Timmins

"I have used Screen Hunter 4.0 for several years to help me harvest screen images for use in lab manuals. I teach computer use in a senior center for adults aged 50 +++. " - RobC, Cary, NC, USA

"I purchased Screen Hunter, the program is great." - Tom Kline, Abingdon, MD 21009

"I am a Screen Hunter 4.0 user. If you need easy to use, dependable screen shot software, Screen Hunter is exactly what you need. Copies to the clipboard or to a file. It rocks!" - Larry Kuhn, Arcata, CA

"Originally, I don't remember where I initially heard about your product... but I do a lot of system documentation and user guides for DOD applications and have used your v. 4.0 product for years. It has saved me countless hours of fiddling with screen-captures for our guides. Title me 'Grateful User!' Many thanks." - Gene Boyce, Blue Springs, MO

I love ScreenHunter! - Alain Stpierre

"its really an interesting psychological phenomenon." - Ruhul

"I love Screen Hunter. I work for a hotel and it helps me in training. AWESOME program" - Valarie Orr

"Hi..I am working in Qatar Petroleum...This product is great...easy to use..helpfull for my job to crop/take picture....I like it..." -Puji Harjono

"Screenhunter is the SHIZZLE!!" - Sam Lugo

"Used it in the past... best there is... won't use anything else." - jack.moskovita


"I am very impressed with this program. Have only started doing newsletters and it certainly makes things a lot easier having screenhunter" - J. Maries

"I really like the screen hunter 5.0" - Anita Lowrie

"Have used the 4.0 a lot! A very good program!" - Lars Petter Svarte, Steinkjer, Norway

"I use ScreenHunter Pro and love it." - Dennise Gearty

"Very good, and maybe the best reason, easy product to use!" - Hans Wedner

"Just upgraded to version 5 Pro from 4.3.681 Pro.  It is a very nice improvement to the screens ect. and I like the better looking hand in my taskbar.  I have been using your program for about a year and would recommend it to everyone." - Dave (undisclosed user)

"I have used ScreenHunter free for a while, the new version (5.1 Pro) looks really nice, and I think I will buy it, finally quitting to be a free rider. Love the product!" - Charles

"Best piece of software out easy to use help for print screens in coursework on computing." - phil

"It´s an astonishing program!" - Itaguaraci Spinato Machado

"Someone at told me over the phone when we were discussing something that involved doing a screen capture. He mentioned ScreenHunter as second nature but I never heard of it before. Now I am a sworn user. " - Anonyms

"Screenhunter is the bee's knees. I constantly recommend it." - John Fowles

"I have used Screen Hunter in a former position and absolutely loved it! I wrote very detailed and comprehensive procedures manuals for my position as Assistant to the EMS Coordinator.

I now am the property manager for a beautiful up-scale vacation retreat and have been asked to develop a procedures are the first thing I thought of...I could not do a manual without Screen Hunter! Thanks!" - Gina Pfeiffer

"Love this Program!" - miguel

"Brilliant program that allows part screen capture ...first class!" - Tony Wilks

"ATTA BOY! Kudos to your designers! I love this product, ScreenHunter 5 Pro is the most awesome software for tracking forex trade signals.  I set it to take a snap of my platform every 5 minutes so I can analyze the formations in sequence later.  I just set the parameters and click stand by and forget it and it does not jump up on my screen to interfere with trading.  I really like the fact that it can be used on multiple monitors.  I would recommend this to any serious trader for capturing information from trade setup signals, confirmation, entry points all the way through exit points.  It has helped increase the profit on trades already just using the beta version.  Thanks again for a wonderful product." - The Scalplady

"Use ScreenHunter on my other machine and thought I'd add it to this machine. Best screen capture program I've ever used. Got it to make screen capture of live cam from National Geographic African Waterhole last year. Captured images that will not be seen again as the site has closed due to funding, but a great experience while it lasted. And ScreenHunter allowed me to save tangible memories forever."  - Michael Jensen

"Amazing product, REALLY loved it! " - Glauco

"ScreenHunter was recommended by university professor as a tool to be used when preparing computer science assignments." - Kenneth MacLean

"It's the best screen capture software by far. I'm going to buy a license." - Paul Zaft

"After trying other screen capture programs which had many problems, errors, crashes etc. I tried your free ScreenHunter program, then downloaded and purchased the Pro version.  This program is very nice and I want to thank whoever designed it.  It is so nice to have something that is simple and works as stated and works well!" - Dale

"A very excellent tool - this should be sold to Microsoft for big bucks and should be a standard Windows feature." - Al Lebeau

"Used it on a machine that crashed. Rebuilding, it is one of the first things to re-install." - Robert Snow

"I have just tried ScreenHunter program and found it to be superior to any other screen capture program that I have used over the last 5 years. This comment applies to both the free and the Pro versions.

In addition to the wide range of very useful capture features it does have one feature in particular that I have not seen on any of the other such programs I have used. That is that it captures the screen literally as it is INCLUDING all the drop down menus, open dialogue boxes and cursors. This is a great benefit for anyone who like me is creating user manuals for training purposes. I also like the multi-picture capture and picture editor features, available in the Pro version. Being able to stack up several pictures and edit them is quite handy when working on complex manuals. In many respects the picture editor is similar to MS Paint but being linked into the screen capture make is very useful and it is easy to use. I also encountered a problem with using my mouse but unlike another User I must admit to being at fault - I had losened the connection of the mouse into my PC so it did not work. I thought that it might be the new software "ScreenHunter" but as soon as I replaced the mouse connector it worked fine once again.
I use Windows ME on a 1.2mhz AMD processor." - Tony Dalton

"ScreenHunter 4.1 Pro is superior to any other screen capture programs, I know because I own the latest version." - Ernest True

"Having used other screen capture programs to capture and edit screen captures, it is my opinion that ScreenHunter 4.1 Pro is the easiest, fastest, and most user-friendly program to use. I can highly recommend ScreenHunter 4.1 Pro. Along with a fantastic screen capture and editing program, customer service is superb!"
- R. Andrews, Arizona

"ScreenHunter is awesome. I'm sure you hear that all the time. But what makes this unique is its essential features. First and for most, it can capture exact copies edge to edge easier. Instead of dragging a box capture, it uses a more visible line capturing. The second benefit is its fast capture edit later feature which doesn't interrupt you. The third, which I have not seen yet from other, is the round capture. The fourth is essential for me anyway. Capturing still images of screensavers and movies on screen. This is what makes your ScreenHunter unique. Unlike other capture software that has tons of features which you can live without. ScreenHunter has the essential features we need. Plus its free first. You can get a better version with the above features without time restrictions or pressure. It actually works unlike other freeware that work perfectly at first but go completely useless after one month. Thank you for this innovation. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family and tell them about your site. Thanks
!" - M. C. Morada

"Very impressed with ScreenHunter 3 and its features.
I have a similar program and thought it was great till i saw ScreenHunter 3. ScreenHunter is a must have for me.
" - Jean Eastom

"I just downloaded ScreenHunter... and I must say I'm impressed...
this is the only software of its kind that is able to scroll both vertically or horizontally." - Milos Rohovsky

"ScreenHunter is so easy-to-use, works really GREAT for me!!!!!!" - Bill Thurston

"I've been using ScreenHunter, which I bought when it was released. I am very happy with it!" Paul Devine

"I knew after the first evening of trial that I was buying ScreenHunter. This is a glaring example that if the software is good and the price is right, people will buy it. I appreciate good work for an honest price. Not expensive, large, mistake filled stuff. Thank You for being different." - Jerry Henderson, Dallas, TX

ScreenHunter is one of the most User Friendly software that I have ever seen! The concept behind its development is also one of a kind." - Bruce Basir

"Great support! Love the product! I'm getting lots of useful applications with ScreenHunter." - Richard E. Spatz

"ScreenHunter is absolutely great! This is the most incredible screen capture tool I have ever used!" - Hannes Cornelius, Net4u

"ScreenHunter is an excellent product as is!" - Nev Grove, Co-Founder of 1-for-All Marketing. 

"This is the best screen capture tool I have encountered." - Kenneth Moyer, Ph.D.

"ScreenHunter is awesome and very easy to use... I like the select shape tools too... It has lotsa great options..." - George Bouzouksis

"This is a great program. I'm licensed. .... The program is well worth the nominal cost." - Walter Holt

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About ScreenHunter Free

"I use your program on my toshiba laptop now i want to use it on my other computer, i find it so easy to operate it's a snap!" - carmelo zanfei

"Had your program on my old laptop, and though I rarely needed a screen capture, your program was the easiest to use and gave the best results. Had to have it on the new laptop. " - jchwriter

"She sent me a snap shot of a portion of a picture. I didn't know one could do that and I've seen many times that I wish I could do just that. So I asked her how she did it and she told me about your product - she loves it!" -Gerald Strickland

"This is an awesome product. I recommend it to all my students (about 400+ a year). " - Jami

"Best free screencapture software I have ever seen. Easy to use, no useless fancy things. Just gets the job done, nicely, quietly, efficiently. Keep up the good work!" - kabitomuvesz

"Have been using Screenhunter free for many years...Best capture program ever. Thank You." - Ben

"I love to use this software. It is very easy and userfriendly and I as a 60+ have no problems using it." -Otto Kunstmann

"i really appreciated you get to put this on here but i find out how to get there because i was looking for screen recorder and so i decided to pick 2 because that if you of each is better but yours is the best even if it free it SO COOL!!! :) " - Clif

"Just got Windows 7 with Snipping Tool. Screenhunter is FAR superior!!!!" - R L Hanna

"Most useful software on my PC. I have been using it for years and have told many friends and co-workers about it." - Gordon H.

"Been using this program fro years and it is super secure, doesn't mess yr PC up and more the basic version is free. Keep up the great work. Wish more companies were like guys." - David

"Everyone at Yardi Software who uses this loves it." -  Curtis Downs

"Been using this on my desktop and laptop for ages. Upgraged laptop and this is the first piece of softwear to be downloaded. Love it and find it so useful. Thank you." - Jen

"Simple, works great. now I can document, and provide screen capture as proof." -  William Sutphen

"LOVE YOUR SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - David

"Best screen capture program ever! : )" - Clint

"I've been using Screen Hunter for several years now and couldn't hardly get along without it. Loading it on my new computer today. THANKS A LOT !" -  Rob

"One of the best screen shot tools I've ever had the pleasure to use. So simple. Multiple output formats. Hot keys. Excellent!" - steve adams

"whoever made this is a life saver, seriously." - alicia mariee

"I LOVE your ScreenHunter. Downloaded in my last laptop and not a day go by I did not use it a hundred times. Just got this laptop fired up today. Antivirus was the first business and Screenhunter the second. Thank you for keeping this free! Will donate ASAP!" - Amy

"THE BEST sc app there is...PERIOD." - Ron Damato

"I have been using your free screen hunter for around five years..and I have got to say that every time I have to reload my system, you're the capture software I like the best! Luckily I have learned how to partition my hard drives, so now I don't lose all you've helped me save! thank you for being so cool." -Mistress Piece Productions

"Brilliant product!" - Christer Lindstrom

"My wife is pleased with the tool! And if she is... it must be good! " - peter hagares

"Best free screen capture tool I know of. Trying to do FS capture of web page with Vista's snipping tool and it won't do it.

Great. Thank you,

John Leonard"

"This is a wonderful product. I really would not be able to work without it. Thank you for developing! " - Susan Mergenthaler

"I've already used this product on a colleague's computer and really like it. Thanks for making it available free of charge!" - Kris Westrum


"best screenshoot software!" - humvee

"I just want you to know, This is an awesome program! It really helps me very much! Thankyou." - Aleu

"Used this at work all the time, now putting it on my home pc. :))" - Bill Morrow

"have used this before at a job and really liked it. i used it just about daily!" - christine

"You are great. I use your product every day!" -- Phil Defraigne

"I've just switched over here from !Quick Screen Capture, which is only "free" for a certain time period, which almost ruined my project. " - Antony

"it's fantastic!! and simple!" - Lorenzo

"Been using for years and it does a great job." -  aekatz

"I install Screenhunter on any computer I use. I have your software on three computers at home. I just started a new job and immediately asked IT if I could install your software." -- Todd Bentley

"I love this program i will most likely upgrade to pro in a little while and i recomend this to all my friends." - Ian Mackey, spokane wa usa

"I have been using ScreenHunterFree for quite a while. It is on my "Top Five" list of free/OSS that I install on all new machines. Thanks and keep up the great work!" - David Claussen, Sarasota, FL 34233

"i'm too much impressed with the contribution made by the designer of this software for the noble benefit of the users of all kind... thank you" -Vasudevan, delhi, India

"I really like screenhunter, i looked through alot of other screenshot takers and you had to buy, or you had to download alot of mbs. Keep up the good work! " - Daniel, Hamilton New Zealand

"beautiful software,solved all my headaches" - patrick, cross river,Nigeria

"simple to use. absolutely out of the world. fantastic. nothing like it even in paid softwares. used it for years." - chandan, bangalore

"Love This. Love this Love this." - Elizabeth Stallings, Seattle

"Love the product - have been using it on another computer forever!" - Cheryl Smith, Atlanta, GA

"I found out at school. We use it for our GCSE and its really helpful." - Phoebe, England

"Kelly Stone referred you (Squidoo Queen)" - Kristie Chiles, England

"needed it , loved it, thanks thanks thanks." - Cathysue Smick

"I think its a great programme it provides me with great images with a low memory... Perfect!" - Sean Sands, Ireland

"I have used Screenhunter 4 for a year or so now and I LOVE it - thank you for make a freebie version available - as a doddering old sod on a pension I can't afford to buy useful programmes like Screenhunter it is much appreciated." - Leigh Clark, Australia

"This free version of ScreenHunter I have been using is very easy to use and very user-friendly. Good Software works well." - Ingo Zschaler, San Jose California USA

"It's the best screen capture software and it's free! Great stuff" - Kelly, KL, Malaysia

 "Love using this, greatest free screen capture Ive ever used." - Jim, Wolcott

"used it for years, love it, put it on every machine i use" - PATRICK POTTELBERG

"I used ScreenHunter for a while and it is an easy, clean, fast, free, little program of the world. Now, I discovered AutoScreenRecorder... Congratulations there!" - nangarc, US

"have used screenhunter and love it's ease of use. thank you." - Candace,  higganum, ct USA

"Thanks for making such an outstanding program available for free." - Dave Claussen, Sarasota, FL USA

"friend said it was the best. thanks for offering the free version. no doubt will upgrade in the future." - Jim Daniel, Sheffield, Yrokshire, UK

"I used to use this on my old PC, I got it off a demo disc that came with an issue of PC User. Unfortunately I can no longer find that disc to install on my new PC, so here I am to download it. Its a great program, easy to use and quick." - B.Leach, Sydney

"Its very simple to use. Simple and to the point. I give it a 10 out of 10 rating =D." - Chris, McAllen Texas Unites States

 "Simple, intuitive, convenient and yes, free. Screen Hunter does only what I need. I had it on my old computer and now it's time to add it to Bruce's latest marvel, the Kluge BitRocket TeraPort 3000 with free Twinkie and coffee dispensers." - Bruce, Los Osos CA 93402

"very generous of you to give such a splended program free. Thank you very much." - Geocaley, Queensland Australia

"Great software, the free version may not have as much functionality as the pro but its still a powerful piece of software that I would recommend to anyone." - Grand Junction, CO

"I have used this product in a previous job and it was great!" - Vivianne Moretto, Wellington, NZ

"Screenhunter is a fantastic product." - Gwen Smith, Johannesburg South Africa

"Its nice":) its the best of all" - bas, Zuid-holland

"Superb utility. Many thanks - I've used this loads of times over the last few years and it has been extremely useful." - Steve, UK

"I have used this software before to help benifit my University work, which I must say is a great advantage for any ICT student and I must thank you." - Chris Simmons, London, England

 "Small file, very light software, easy and pratical." - Marcelo Morais, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

"I have used and recommended Wisdomsoft Screenhunter for four years." - George Conroy, Pawtucket,R.I. 02860

"I have used this on my other PC for a couple of years - terrific app, thanks." - Paul Diamond, Palo Alto CA

"i love screenhunter because it is so simple and effective" - lucy van vooren, brussels belgium


"This S/W is very convenience and much easy to operate it, that's why I want to download it and use it." - M.Roger, Hong Kong

"Sreen hunter is simply marvellous." - TIMOTHY KERSHA AKURA, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

"easy to use i had it before and lost it ,now glad to find you thanks." - john coyle, scotland

"learned at school.. its sooo cool great for assignments and essays! love it!" - sam, westlake ohio usa

"Used it before, copying for a friend. Excellent, the one programme I use many times every day." - Chris Davies, Cape Town

"I love Screenhunter free program. I cannot work without it." - Lee SeYun, Seoul, South Korea

"I had been using the printscreen key, but this is far superior. After a trial run I guess I'll get the pro version." - Al. Robbins, Sunshine Coast Australia

"A really great program, I have a copy of this on pretty much every computer I use." - Alan, UK

"I used Screenhunter 4. I think you have a fantastic product. I appreciate the no cost aspect as I am a small business. Thank you!" - Dennise Gearty, San Francisco, CA

"Your program rules. It is the best of all, I had downloaded ever, in using screenshots!" - Mantas, Kaunas, Lithuania

"Fantastic program, I have it on all my computers, just can't do with out it." - colin West, Darwin -Australia

"Great product! I love to use it in my day-to-day work." - Beverly Oakes, Jacksonville, Florida,

"Thank you for being permissed to use your free version of Screenhunter. The program is fabulous! Kindly greeting" - Gerard van Straten, rotterdam, the netherlands

"Have been using Screenhunter free for years. A great product! If only everything could be as simple and work as flawlessly." - Jim Nicewander, Tucson AZ US

Love this tool! - Geoffrey Koprowski

This is super tool. Many thanks! - Sarah Tresouthick

ScreenHunter is a great tool. - Augustine Mejia

Have been using this for more than a year now and it's great! :o) - marc_beaudry

My coworker, who is looking over my shoulder, said, un solicited, "the best free program I ever saw" - ezra abrams

I use this in school and it is awsome! - mike D

"I found this when searching for a screen capture tool for college. I have been using it ever since. It is awesome!!" - Steven Leach

"Pupils at my school use this brilliant program to make screen captures." - Gwynfor Rees

"I have often wanted a good screen capture utility but up to now havent found one with such a good reputation as this one. a BIG thankyou to you!" - david stockdale

"I have used ScreenHunter for a long time. you guys never failed me! LOVE IT!  THANKS FOR A FANTASTIC CAPTURE PROGRAM! I've linked alot of my friends to ScreenHunter. and they love it as well." -John Del Conte, Dunkirk, NY.

"ScreenHunter is one of the finest utilities that I have used in all of my 75 years!! GREAT PROGRAM!!" - Bob Harkey

"We are using screenshots to save our players high hands in the poker club I host for. The site is all free and we volunteer our time to do the hosting and tournament directing so finding this for free. It really helps alot. THANK YOU SO MUCH" - Brenda Roth, Phoenix Rising Poker Club/hoyle/sierra

"I'd been looking for a simple and good screen capture tool and had to sort through hundreds of search engine results and about a dozen different programs. I'm glad I found this one, it's actually free, not some BS 30 day trial of partial software that they don't tell you about until after you install. thank you for being honest." - Narf Sulator

"This is the best free program available. I have used it over the last couple years more then any other program I have." - liz Stallings

"Sires, I'm a senior citizen trying to teach the graphic making process to other fellow seniors, therefore there is a real need of doing screen shots all the time to send to them.   Your program, Screen Hunter (free), let me do the screen shots that I need to do to spread an idea or to demonstrate how to set a graphic program to get the results wanted. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words !   As you probably guessed, we are not a school, just friends helping friends. They always ask me if I have stock in your company, because I tell them to buy the paid version if they can, (you helped us, we might help you). Anyway, I don't need help with your program, just wanted to say a big : >Thank you !!" - Michael Craig, - Washington State - USA

"Downloading the tool for at least the third time. I find myself putting it on just about every machine I spend any significant amount of time using. "- Phil Pool

"This sure will be great for my education. I am in a masters program, and need to place items in papers, and was having a very hard time with it. I hope this helps!"- Debi Craig

"I really like ScreenHunter 4 Free and now I want to try the video version. I use it to send the picture of error messages to our IT guy so he knows what's wrong with our computer before he comes out." - Neil Charkoww

"This software is the bomb! We love it at work and home!" - Geneane Bazan

"I love the speed and simplicity that are characeristic for using ScreenHunter." - Hilkka Heikkilä-Granskog

"Wicked product - best in the business - i will upgrade to pro soon i swear." - Don Avichi, le verger 

"I used to prefer PC Magazine's ScreenSeize to create screenshots with the cursor in the picture, when I'm creating tutorials for this site.   When I had to change computers and attempted to download a new copy of ScreenSeize I discovered that PC Magazines's so-called "freeware" is now available only to persons who have a paid subscription to their downloads.   I was annoyed because it's not "freeware" if it isn't free, so I went to to find an alternative software.   I found several freeware utilities for taking screenshots (with the cursor in the image) but this one was by far the smallest download (the executable is 382k) and it works beautifully.   In fact, it's easier to use than ScreenSeize, so thanks PC Magazine, I'd never have discovered it without your "help".  - MaxPath, Editor's Choice

"I love my copy of ScreenHunter. Thanks *so* much for such wonderful, free, software!  - Eben Visher, Sr. Software Engineer"

"I've used ScreenSeize (from PC World) for a year or so to take images, with the cursor in them, when creating tutorials for the maxpatch site. I recently had to switch to another computer and discovered it didn't have ScreenSeize installed on it. I was then shocked to learn that downloads from the PC World site are, per recent changes, only available to paid subscribers. This annoyed me greatly because they're still referring to their software as "freeware". A more accurate description, under the circumstances would be "bonusware" or "premiumware", but at any rate it's suddenly become "catchware" and I needed to prepare a tutorial. I was annoyed enough to conduct a google search for alternatives. I found, and
downloaded, several, but elected to install yours first because it was by far the smallest screen capture utility, possessing the desired features, of the lot. It worked beautifully and even permitted me to save my screenshots as gif images (which are by far smaller). If I ever become sophisticated enough to need the additional features I'll certainly upgrade to one of your, more advanced, shareware products. You've made a loyal customer of me (and I just deleted the other programs I'd downloaded).

Thank you for a terrific piece of software," - Don Crowder"

"ScreenHunter is awesome. I'm sure you hear that all the time. But what makes this unique is its essential features. First and for most, it can capture exact copies edge to edge easier. Instead of dragging a box capture, it uses a more visible line capturing. The second benefit is its fast capture edit later feature which doesn't interrupt you. The third, which I have not seen yet from other, is the round capture. The fourth is essential for me anyway. Capturing still images of screensavers and movies on screen. This is what makes your ScreenHunter unique. Unlike other capture softwares that has tons of features which you can live without. ScreenHunter has the essential features we need. Plus its free first. You can get a better version with the above features without time restrictions or pressure. It actually works unlike other freewares that work perfectly at first but go  completely useless after one month.

Thank you for this innovation. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family and tell them about your site. Thanks" - M. C. Morada"


"Dear Wisdom-Soft staff

A thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
A sincere salute to the developers for packing such astonishing abilities into such a small application.

I am a computer programmer myself, and am infinitely pleased with your product. top it all, you offer it for free. Thanks a million for the Screen Hunter.

With profound regards" - Gopal Santhanam"

"Trying the ScreenHunter and so it. Fast, simple, and efficient." - Keith Linn

"Hi... I'm using ScreenHunter here at work and I'm having a blast with it. I write training manuals and that sort of thing... and this is so great to capture our kooky software screens onto training pages...  The simplicity is the really great thing... Thank you very much.... " - Shary Flenniken

"This is a great program - beats the pants off Hypersnap!" - Elliott

"I have just downloaded ScreenHunter, and want to thank you for
a wonderful gift. As a student I am constantly having to try and capture bits of a screen for
assignments. This will save me hours of work. Keep up the good work!" - Neill Glover

"BEST dang screen capture utility ever!
How good is this program? This is the first comment on a product I've ever been inclined to make. That give you an idea? So small, so easy to use and best of all FREE. I was installed educated, set up, and capturing in less than 5 minutes; literally. Press a hotkey drag (optional) for selected shots and release the mouse button and BANG, saved image in real good quality. Has an awesome magnifier while you drag to accurately capture as small as you want. Never had a problem with bugs and I am running XP. There's a shocker. You gotta try this. You'll never need or want another Screen Capture program after it."

- Dennis Gould

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About MotionStudio

"very inspiring" - kay balogun, uk

"This software is very good because it is useful in various places, i mean in many sectors such as designing, drawing, painting etc. Thank you." - country

"MotionStudio is an outstanding program!!!" - Derek Olson, Accounts Director, 1010 Software Inc.

"First, let me say what a bloody fantastic product you guys have here with MotionStudio... Thanks for using the shareware concept. It has allowed me to do a thing I enjoy doing most, and for no cost. This has been gratefully appreciated." - Joseph Karl


"This new feature that you can build your own library of drawing objects with is extremely useful since you can use them from project to project. This is a unique feature provided only in MotionStudio." - Rue DeSilva, Project Manager, Delean Systems

About MotionGIF

"i liked the idea of MotionGIF for nice banners/avatars and AutoScreenRecorder replaces my old Fraps, because Fraps isn't so nice at all..." - Casper, Haaften, Gelderland, Nederland

What a powerful software.. - Jacela Manning

Click to see what this user made

"Previously I used these (existing/proposed) images in a combination of a GIF animator (to set up the sequence) and Corel Photo-paint (to fine-tune the timings) - took me a couple of hours.  With MotionGIF the same exercise takes a couple of minutes.  Well worth the asking price." - Bill Blackledge, 2B Landscape Consultancy Ltd, UK

"I would like to become an animator and my teacher told me to start with gifs" - Lorenzo

"MotionGIF 4 ROCKS!!!!!! :D" - Nathalie

"Anna, my granddaughter, played with my Motion Gif program and was so excited that I just had to buy her this program. It is much simpler to handle than other animation programs and Anna, though only 11 years old, is a wonderful artist."  - Anita Wolff, West Vancouver, Canada  

"I thought you might enjoy looking at a couple of pages I've created using MotionGIF.
Nothing fancy, (I've only been using your program about a week) but users of my motorcycle upgrade page think the effort is worth it. It is a photo of the back of my motorcycle showing the blinking brake lights.

And today I got artsy with your built in editor. I drew the entire schematic first then copied frame one about ten times. I then "erased" items from the picture, re-ordered the frames and voila!

Ok, I'm no artist but I'm certainly enjoying your program and look forward to future versions.
Thanks very much for MotionGif!" - John Lawrence


About Customer Service


"Your site was a pleasure to download. I am 72, not very computer literate and it was a breeze" - Shirley

"WOW you are really fast and prompt with your after-sale service! Kudo's to you and Thank You. " - Hans van Dort

"I appreciate your handling of my order for me, it speaks highly of your company that you take the time for excellent customer service." - Colleen Tretola, RN, Medical University of South Carolina

"Great customer service!" - Tim Feetham

"I wish every company I dealt with provided support like you guys do - and you may quote me!" - Scot Kamins,  Obscurities Clarified,  Technical Documentation

"i think this site is very useful for me and all, thank you very much to wisdom team" - vinayagam, vellore,tamilnadu,india

"Hello admin, nice site ! Good content, beautiful design, thank! I love it :)"

"Like your company - keep up the good work! Make my computer DO EVERYTHING!" - John David Hunt, Omaha, NE

"Just thanks for your design. The best!" - Christian Jordan, Bolivia