Bitmap Tools


ScreenHunter Image Editor combines the functionality of photo-editing, painting and vector-drawing in one easy-to-use interface.

It has a powerful set of features for color and artistic effects, as well as a number of ways to retouch your bitmap screenshots, including cropping, resizing, border adding and rotation.

Bitmap Tools Panel 

Pixel Selection Tools
Pixel selection tools draw selection marquees that define the area of selected pixels. After you draw the selection marquee, you can move, cut, copy, or apply other adjustments, or delete pixels.

The Rectangular area selection tool selects a rectangular area in an image.
The Freehand area selection tool selects a freehand area of pixels in an image.

Cropping and Resizing Tools

After an area is selected by one of the selection tools, you can click this Crop selection tool to crop.

Crop to shape or resize image...
Click this button to crop a selected area or the entire image to shape or resize.
Select the options on the following dialog and click OK to finish

Crop to shape
You can crop to shape from the list as "cookie cutters".  

If no area is selected, it will apply to the whole image.


Resize the whole image
Resize the entire image to your preference.

  • Keep aspect ratio, zoomed
    • To this width
      Resize to match the width set on the right.
    • To this height
      Resize to match the height set on the right.
    • Percentage
      Resize to the percentage set on the right.
  • Zoomed to this fixed size
    Zoomed to the size set below, regardless of the aspect ratio.

Add space to sides
Enter the number of pixels to the sizes you want to add space.

Paint Tools
The Flood fill tool fills the pixels that you click, and neighboring pixels of similar color, with the Flood fill color and Opacity set below.
Flood Fill Tolerance
Neighboring pixels are only filled if their values fall within this range. So it can be used as a magic wand.

E.g. Click on the clouds

Original picture

Flood fill white with 5% tolerance.

Flood fill white with 40% tolerance.

The Brush tool is for painting brush strokes on the image. It uses the width, color, and opacity set below.
Brush width
Flood fill color
You can click and pick any color on your screen using the color picker.
Brush Color
You can click and pick any color on your screen using the color picker.

The Flood fill and Brush Opacity (5%: Mostly transparent - 100%: Complete opaque)

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