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The Tools tab provides more useful tools.

Tools Group


When you have a webcam installed, ScreenHunter can capture your webcam image or record your webcam to a video. When the webcam is visible on your screen, click anywhere on the webcam to move.
Click this button to show. Press again or Esc to close. Right-click on the webcam image to show more options.

                Click on the Settings… button on the right to show the Webcam Settings dialog.
                You can pick a webcam from the top-left drop-down list.

Click the Options… button to choose more options for the webcam.

Properties are webcam dependent and different webcams have different property dialog boxes. Therefore, some properties may not be supported, such as Horizontal Flip.


Choose a supported webcam size from the Size drop-down.


Show Image Editor where you can edit any image. Refer to the next section for more.

You can draw and write freely on screen before capturing. It "freezes" the screen where you can draw directly on it.

Right-click or press Esc to cancel.

          Click on the Hotkey button on the right to show the ScreenDraw Settings dialog.

Click on the Hotkey Settings button on the dialog to show the Hotkey Settings dialog, which is the same as when you click the Settings… button in the Hotkeys group on the Capture tab.

Change pen color:
You can press these keys on your keyboard to change the pen color when it is in ScreenZoom or ScreenDraw mode.

Change pen width:
You can press the arrow keys on your keyboard to change the pen width when it is in ScreenZoom or ScreenDraw mode. The width can be between 2 to 14 pixels.

You can press the 'C' or 'E' key to clear and erase what you have drawn.

  Show Color Picker

For a screen-wide color picker, in the Pick on screen group, hold this button down and drag the mouse to pick a color anywhere on the screen.


Scan an image from the scanner selected on the right.

 Click Settings… to select your scanner.
The Sources list will show the scanner drivers installed on the PC.

Show the Profile Manager dialog. Profiles save all current settings to a location you can access later to create the same capture effect.


Save current setting to a new profile…
The currently selected settings on the tabs will be used to create a profile with your name choices.

You may select a profile, Change the profile name and Export to a file, or Import from your hard drive.

Profile files are in XML format.

You may click the Up and Down buttons to change the order.

Click to delete a profile.

Help Group

Getting Started
Show the short guide of the external HTML file.

User Guide
Show the external ScreenHunter help file.

Online Support Center
Go to the online Support Center on the web.


License Group

Show the license key dialog and enter your purchased license key.

If it has been licensed, this link will be grayed out.

Go to the latest download page on the web.
Go to the Wisdom software website.

Show the About box.