Options Tab  

The Options tab provides more options to further customize your ScreenHunter.


Start minimized
Check to hide the main ScreenHunter window when ScreenHunter is launched.
    This option change will take effect when ScreenHunter is restarted.

Check for updates at startup
It checks the website to see if there is an update for this version.
    If unchecked, you can click the Update button on the Tools tab to check it manually.

Minimize to tray
When ScreenHunter is minimized, it only shows in the system tray, not on taskbar.

Show tooltips
Check to show tooltips.
    This option change will take effect when ScreenHunter is restarted.

When Capturing

Hide main window
Check to
hide the ScreenHunter main window when capturing.

Show crosshairs
Check to show
the screen-wide crosshairs when capturing.

Show flashing indicator while recording
Check to show
the flashing indicator when recording, except the full-screen recording.  


Press Esc to cancel
When the Esc key is pressed during capturing it will cancel; during recording, it will stop and save the video.

Highlight Color
Select the color used to draw the crosshairs and highlight boxes.


Magnifier Size
Select the area size around the mouse pointer to be zoomed.

Magnifying Times

Select how much larger you would like the new image to be, choosing from 3 or 6 times.

After Capturing

Play sound
Check to play a sound. Images and videos have a different sound.

Show notification with saved files
Check to show self-closing notification displayed beside the desktop toolbar. Choose a duration from 5, 10, and 30 seconds.

Bring Image Editor to front
Check to bring Image Editor to stay on top of all the other Windows, only when Editor is checked on the Save Image tab.

Play recorded video
Check to play recorded video using your default video player.

Image Editor

 Show notification when saving objects to an image file

Check to show the warning dialog when saving to an image file format (other than .shf) if it contains any drawing objects.


Use last folder
Check to use the last used folder as the location to save your images.

Restore Default Values

Reset Options Defaults
Restore the settings on the Options tab.

Reset All Defaults
Restore all the settings to their original default values.