Getting Started for First Time Users  

ScreenHunter is designed so that it is always on standby, ready for you to take action. Screenhunter has five main tabs:

The Capture tab is for assigning how you want to capture for both images and videos.

The Save Image tab lets you change image capture settings, and the Save Video tab allows you to change the settings for how videos are recorded.

The Options tab provides customization methods and the Tools tab provides other useful tools.

The following two examples are quick guides that show how to capture a rectangular area image and record a video. You can mix and match settings and features to suit your capture needs.

Example #1: Capture Image

Step #1: Download & Install

Step #2: Using the capture tab

You can pick a hotkey to start

A hotkey is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to capture quicker. F6 is ScreenHunter’s default image capture hotkey; however, you can choose any key combination or a single key as your hotkey. You can always click the Capture Now button to capture.

In this example, we selected the Rectangular area in the Screen group and changed the settings by clicking the button on the right.


In the Add group, select Cursor.


Step #3: Choose Where to Save Your Capture: "Save Image"


Step #4: Capture

To skip this step, you can do the following:

Step #5: Get Your Screenshot

  • Find your capture. In this case, it is on your Desktop.
  • If you used another location to save your captures, open Windows Explorer
    (press Windows + E). Go to your file folder assigned in Step #3 to pick up your file.
  • The capture is also copied to your Clipboard so that you can paste to another program, such
    as MS Word by using Ctrl+V or pasting.


To Cancel

Press the Esc key or right-click the mouse button at any time to cancel. In the Adjust mode, you can click the cancel button on screen to cancel.

Example #2: Record Video

Recording a video uses many similar settings and operations as capturing an image.

Step #1 & #2 are the same as Capturing an Image.

Step #3: Choose Where to Save Video: "Save Video”


Step #4: Record

Step #5 is the same as Capture Image.

Just to Note:

These are a couple of very basic ways to use ScreenHunter, but we have developed ScreenHunter to adapt to whatever your needs may be. Discover features that are perfect for your needs, whether it be scheduling a certain time every day to capture changing stocks or recording a video interview with a person across the country. The possibilities are endless with ScreenHunter.
This is a very basic way to use ScreenHunter. Click here for details on how to get the most out of ScreenHunter.