Save Video Tab

The Save Video tab lets you change the settings for the recorded video file.


Video Group

A compressor or codec is a component compresses an AVI file to make it smaller in size and play faster. It lists all compressors/codecs available from your PC. The default codec is Wisdom-soft Lossless Codec, which comes with AutoScreenRecorder 5 package.

Set recorded video quality. The range is from 1 to 100, 1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest.
For Wisdom-soft Lossless Codec, due to the lossless nature, the quality is always be at 100%.

Frame rate
Frame rate is set in FPS (Frames Per Second), which is the number of frames recorded per second. The supported range is from 1 to 100, 1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest.

Only record changes
Check to record only when there is a change on the screen in the recording area.
This can potentially make the recorded video small when there are no constant changes in the recording area.

Sound Group

Check to add sound to the recorded video. Click the Settings button on the right to assign and change.

Sound Settings dialog

Recording Devices Group
Add recording devices of your choice.

Check to record from a playback device, such as speakers.

Mic & more
Check to record from a microphone or other devices.

Amplify by the volume will be boosted by x times. 1 means no boost.

Sound Quality Group
Choose sound quality from Best, Better, Good and Fair.

Channels Group
Choose from Stereo and Mono.

System Tools Group
Use these tools provided by Windows.

Audio Devices show the Sound dialog of the Windows Control Panel.

Sound Recorder / Test show the Windows Sound Recorder if available.

Only record sound
Check to record audio only and save to a .WAV file. When checked, no video files are recorded.

AVI File

Filename has 3 choices: Automatic, Ask me or Set name.

Automatic naming
Select to automatically save the recorded video with a generated filename.

Filename Options
Check to include the text you want to add to your filename.

Check to add a note text.

Automatic number
Check to add an automatically generated sequence number.

Number of digits
Check if you want to have a fixed number of digits, such as 2 for 01, 02, 3 for 001, 002, etc.

Next number
ScreenHunter will keep increasing after each recording. You may enter any number to set, but it cannot be greater than the End at number.

End at
Check to set an end number. When the end number is reached, it will stop taking screenshots.

You can highlight an item in the list box and click the up  and down  buttons on the right to change the sequence.

No space in filename
Check to remove all spaces between characters in the filename.

Overwrite Options When File Exists
These options are only for actions when a newly generated filename already exists in the target folder.

 Never overwrite (generate a new filename)
    Select to always generate a new filename automatically.
    Select to ask.
    Select to overwrite all the time.

Ask me
Select if you want to be asked each time. A dialog box will be displayed after each recording. You can change the file format, name, and location.

Set name
Select if you need to use
this filename for all captures. It will overwrite the file if it exists.

The default location where the recorded videos will be saved.

 Open Video File Location
Click to open the location where the recorded videos are saved.

 Select Video File Location
Click to assign or create a folder to save recorded videos.